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How to Learn Digital Marketing: A free Learning Path/Career Advice and a Special Offer from SEMRUSH

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Dear Digital Marketing Students and Aspirants. We want to convey our best wishes for your career and life's journey. 

Here is our suggestion regarding how you can approach or plan your Digital Marketing Journey:

  • SEO is the foundation of your Digital Marketing Career


  • Put efforts in developing an understanding of SEO Concepts and Practice through assignments


  • Develop an interest in Content. Get into the habit of creating Content Ideas


  • Learn and develop an understanding of marketing tactics:

  1. Email Marketing

  2. Social Media Marketing (Content + Ads)

  3. Content Marketing 

  4. Performance Marketing/SEM (Google/Social Media Ads 

  5. Web Analytics

  • Find out which Marketing Tactics turns out to be the most interesting for you (1-3 tactics)


  • Try to develop expertise in those tactics. Plan job applications based on your interest areas

We don't intend to collect your Email Id or other data. This information is free for all!


We have an offer for you. Interested in finding out how you can get access to a 14-day Free Trial of SEMRUSH Pro? Yes, not a 7-day but a special extended free trial for 14-days (zero charges on your card for 14-days and you can cancel anytime)

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Learning Path: Welcome
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