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A "successful career" is only a part of your Life's Journey

Dear digital marketing students,

It is not only you. When I was at your stage of my career, I also faced several dilemmas and roadblocks.

Yes, money and future earning potential topped the list of my career-related concerns and questions.


Fast-forward to today, with more than a decade of corporate experience under my belt, if you ask me how you can make better career decisions. Then the following would be my advice to you:

  • Digital Marketing is not the only career choice that can bring monetary and other kinds of success in your life. Mid-way, if you realize that digital marketing is not the right career path for you, make sure to find the inner strength and change your career path.

  • Don't worry if you take some extra time to find your niche or areas of interest. Be gentle towards yourself.    

  • Career goals, personal life goals, relationships are all going to be a part of your life's journey. Develop the realization that a 'part' should not become the 'whole'.

And there is spiritual growth, which can play a role in your overall well-being.

More on this when we get to speak in person:) In the meantime, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Nitin Amlani LinkedIn Profile

About 'Your Digital Marketing Coach'

Early in my career, I built a Digital Marketing team for a mid-sized IT-services business (Embitel Technologies) from the ground up. This team generated inbound leads contributing to more than 50% of the organization’s revenue.

Currently working at an MNC (UST Global Ltd.), I am leveraging this experience to conceptualize and deliver global digital marketing campaigns at scale.

I am also a Digital Marketing Mentor and a Career Coach. I have nurtured the journey of 150+ learners (and counting): 

  • Currently, collaborating with the third cohort (as of Nov 2021), at Board Infinity, for an online digital marketing course spanning four months each. Recognized as one of the Star Coaches 2021 at Board Infinity

  • Also conducted a Digital Marketing Workshop with NavKiran, for the first-year students of NMiMS, Mumbai. 

  • Career Coaching: Conducted placement preparation and mock interviews, with YUGMA, for BIM (Trichy) and IIHMR (Jaipur).​​


I am always keen to share my expertise with students about demand generation and lead nurturing through content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social & paid media strategies, and data analytics.

Get in touch for 1:1 sessions and collaborations

1:1 sessions for students

Please book a career counseling or doubt-solving session through any one of the following platforms:

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This special and extended trial offer will help my students to complete their assignments using all the capabilities offered by SEMRUSH Pro.


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