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Learn SEO With SEMRUSH Pro
(Not a 7-DAY but a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL)

Zero fees for 14 days! Special extended trial offer for digital marketing students, beginners, early-stage freelancers, and solopreneurs.

Dear Digital Marketing Learners.

Do you also find yourself in a similar situation:

  • You have started learning SEO fundamentals to ace the Crawl-Index-Render-Rank Model of the Search Engine.

  • You feel the need to get some hands-on experience of SEO Concepts through Website Auditing, Backlink Analytics, On-Page SEO, Keyword Planning, and more.

  • You realize the need for a good SEO tool.

  • But, there is a roadblock!

  • The paid subscription of the tool is too costly, while the free subscription has limitations or is available for a short duration.

Overcome these challenges with this special offer!

Get a 14-day Free Trial of SEMRUSH Pro subscription and experience practical and hands-on SEO learning.

You won't be charged any fee for 14-daysIt is a special extended trial offer. Instead of 7 days,  the free trial of SEMRUSH Pro is being offered for 14 days!


This can help you to:

  • Complete your study or job assignments.

  • Practically implement the concepts. 

  • Experience all the capabilities of the SEMRUSH PRO tool for free.   

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